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As the sunlit sanity of the waking world burns the night to ash,
embrace the unbound madness of your wildest dreams,
laugh into the endless abyss of your darkest fantasies,
and rage against the coming dawn.

The Nightly Chill is the unstable experience of the mind and madness of Steve Arviso (@AmoralCrackpot). Mon-Fri. Ish.



Trying to make anything from the arts and entertainment–a few bucks, a career, a life. Trying to make anything from it is a struggle. It’s work. It requires a lot of passion for what you do to keep at it when things are at their worst. Rejection, isolation, or just a lack of eyes on you and your work can weigh heavy on you. Not to mention the financial struggle.

I have nearly 15 years experience in the local entertainment scene. Lotta good. Lotta bad. And one of the best bits of advice I can offer any inexperienced creative homies out there, is this:

Know your worth.

There’s a show out here that’s gone from a seemingly grassroots attempt to showcase local artists to a blatant scam to exploit and grift local artists out of their money. It started as free for “booked” artists, who would then be allowed to have a booth at the event to showcase and, yes, sell their work. Didn’t matter the media, as long as you were local and had legit work to show-off, you stood a chance to get booked. They now not only charge somewhere around $50 for the privilege to be booked at this show with effectively zero foot-traffic, they also expect booked talent to do all the marketing for them.

This event has had almost zero marketing since it kicked off. Since the initial show, there have been fewer and fewer people attending. Fewer artists are on display. Social media posts are almost non-existent. I live in the immediate area, and nobody around here–even those who live and work here–are unaware this show in a very public, easily accessible and well-known place is even a thing.

There’s a difference between vendors and booked talent. Don’t let weasel promoters convince you the two are the same. One pays, the other gets paid.

There’s nothing wrong wanting vendors. There’s nothing wrong being a vendor at this or that show. But if you’re the key attraction, if the show is booking you as talent, you aren’t a vendor–you’re the fuckin’ show. Either you get paid, or you get to sell your merch without paying up like the actual vendors. That hotdog truck ain’t the draw, you and your art are.

We all start somewhere. Sometimes you don’t get paid, but you get a chance to reach an exclusive, captive audience. Sometimes you end up in the red to make that trip and back, but it pays off in experience AND marketing–people saw you, know you, and, hopefully, now follow you. There’s still a mutually beneficial relationship.

But when that relationship becomes a one-way street they’re bullshitting?

Know your worth. That way you can tell that weasel of a promoter the 4 most important words in your arsenal as a talent: “Fuck you, pay me.”

#fuckyoupayme #DontTrustTheP


Artists, Musicians, and Other Assorted Suckers,

It is our proud pleasure to present you potential participants at this month’s Local Showcase of Local Talent!

As you may already know, we have failed repeatedly and utterly to make any effort to market this event, month-after-month, resulting in a lack of attendance, low (read: no) sales, and generally bad optics. Our bad.

To rectify this, we are now requiring all of you to promote the show for us.

Note: We will provide no materials for this, as this would require effort on our part, and we can’t have that shit.

Those who fail to post twice a day on their social media AND bring AT LEAST ten (10!) people to the event (two item minimum!) will be asked to go home.

Failure to pay the $50 booked talent fee will result in the same.

Look. Just because all you idiots are fine going home with empty pockets doesn’t mean we’re are. And it’s not like you can just promote your own work for free on the internet, use targeted ads to reach more people for a few bucks, or get a booth at the always-busy swapmeet for the same amount of money. I mean, you could. But why do that when you can give us that money instead?

Have a Blessed Day,

Duncan and Ashlynnifer Parasite
GIVE US MONEY Local Showcase of Local Talent
Co-Owners and Con Artists


Adena’s lil’ audio love note to the (great) granddaddy of pulp vigilantes, The Shadow. Listen to it now on Spotify, sub to the PulpBusters audio feed, or even download a free MP3 of The Shadow Knows using the links below.


Scattered bits and pieces that come to me. Maybe something will come of them.

I’m her trouble maker, she’s my setting sun
Burn it down around me, let her take me under
Beneath the water and waves where things are wild and wetter
And in that darkness, we’ll swim forever

Woke up last night, your side of the bed
Stirred by a sound that’d wake the dead
Shoulda, woulda, coulda ran when I had the chance
But I was too busy lovin’ your ghost instead

She’s a killer smile, a pair of demon’s eyes
A devil in a blue dress, got lost between her thighs
Don’t know what’s wrong with me, the priest gave me last rights
All my sins forgiven, but she burns me up at night

She’s a nightmare I can’t outrun
A demon tied up in my basement
A mistake, I cannot face it



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